Stories of Faith

Return of the Checkbook

by Sarah Martin

“For He shall give His angels charge over thee to keep

thee in all thy ways.”—Psalm 91:11 

A couple of years ago we were on an extensive ministry trip.  We were away from our home for more than a month.  We arrived home late in the evening and were very tired and looking forward to a good rest.   

As we carried our things in from the van, we noticed that the checkbook was missing. In this day and age, it is a serious thing to lose a checkbook.  “We’ve just misplaced it,” I thought “I’m sure we’ll find it in a minute.”  We began to search for it.  First we checked through all of the appropriate places and didn’t find it.  Then we searched all of the inappropriate places and it still didn’t turn up.   

 Edgar and I looked at each other and said, “We’ll have to search everywhere again.”  We searched in the house, in the van and in the grass between the house and the driveway.  In all, I think we searched all of the bags, satchels, briefcase and purse about 6 times each.   The checkbook had not come home with us.   

We thought about where we had last seen it.  We figured that was on the nightstand in a hotel room in Missouri.  We sat down together on the side of the bed to pray.  As we prepared to pray, Edgar looked at the empty top of the nightstand and thought to himself, “That would be a good place to find the checkbook.”   

We closed our eyes and prayed a simple prayer.  We told Jesus how important the book was to us and we asked Him if He would mind sending an angel to get the book and bring it back to us.  We thanked Him for being our ever present help in time of trouble.  After saying “Amen”, Edgar opened his eyes and looked at the nightstand.  There was the checkbook right on the corner exactly where Edgar had wanted to find it!  An angel had brought it back!  Praise God for hearing and answering our prayer!


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