Stories of Faith

God's Gas Station

by Sarah Martin

With all of the concern about high gas prices these days, I thought I would share a story about gasoline.  A friend of mine was on staff with the Campus Crusade for Christ.  She told me about two young women who were traveling to California to enter the ministry. 

These two college girls needed to get to California where they were to start their work with Campus Crusade for Christ.  They didn’t have much money, but they were excited about their new ministry.  They packed their things and loaded their car.  Cheerfully they started out.   

They had never traveled across the American west before and they didn’t realize how big it is.  They reached Nevada and started across the great desert.  They didn’t think about buying gasoline before they began the desert trek.  The tank was low but they thought they would stop a little further along. 

It seemed that the road stretched out forever.  The sun was hot and there were no towns, no gas stations, no stores or settlements.  They drove and drove and began to wonder whether they would have enough gas to make it.  After a couple of hours, the car started to cough and sputter.  They looked at the gas gauge.   The needle pointed to “empty.”  The driver went on as long as the car kept moving, but soon she had to turn aside as they coasted to a stop.   

The girls looked at each other.  They were in a serious situation.  They knew there was nothing behind them and they couldn’t see anything in the distance ahead, either.   Suddenly, they felt very alone and very vulnerable.  They bowed their heads to pray.  They asked God to send some help.  They prayed that He would rescue them from this situation.  The driver looked at the gas gauge.   Right before her eyes, the needle began to move.  She grabbed her friend’s hand and together they watched as the gauge slowly rose and finally stopped at ¾ full.  After a time of rejoicing and praising God, they went happily on their way to California.


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