Stories of Faith

The Honey Jar

by Sarah Martin

“He should have fed them also with the finest of the wheat:  and with honey out of the rock should I have satisfied thee.—Psalms 81:16

Honey is the original sweet treat.  People have been eating honey since the beginning of time.  The Bible refers to food for the soul as “honey in the rock.”  Lovers call each other “Honey.”  A man of God once told us that he had three kinds of honey:  honey in the jar, honey in the rock and (giving his wife a squeeze) honey in shoe leather. 

Honey was important to some newlywed friends of mine, too.  The new bride liked to please her husband with a special homemade bread recipe that called for a generous portion of honey.  Like most newlyweds, money was tight so she carefully scraped the honey jar with a spatula in order to get the last little bit.  Then she put the quart jar back on the shelf.

A few days later, she wanted to make more bread but she remembered she had used up the honey.  She looked in her purse and saw that she didn’t have any money for honey.  She was disappointed because her husband really liked that bread.  “Oh, Jesus,” she thought, “I wish I could get enough honey to make the bread.” 

She went to the cupboard to see what else she could cook.  When she opened the door, she saw the honey jar.  She knew it was empty, she had scraped it out with a spatula, but, right there on the shelf was the jar with a quantity of honey in it.  She could see that it was plenty to make the bread recipe.

 “Jesus heard my prayer!” she rejoiced as she thankfully made the bread.  


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